Private Enterprise

The auditor's task includes reviewing the annual report and ensuring that the reported figures are "reasonably accurate." The profits, inventory, and outstanding receivables must simply be as stated. This provides customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners with a "receipt" that everything is in order.

The annual report provides a snapshot of your business. As a business manager, you want more than that. As a client of Mazars, you can receive regular reconciliations that inform you about the company's performance. Together with you, we can analyze your business - are your company's routines, processes and flows efficient? What does the inventory look like? How do you tie up the capital? Is there a need for additional financing? Is there room for dividends? What areas are profitable? Are there parts that are not profitable?

Your accountant serves as your sounding board throughout the year. Someone who is available and has time to listen and provide advice. We have our heart in the inspection. We know that a good accountant understands "their" company and is engaged throughout the year.