We at Mazars believe in audit as essential to the economic foundations of a just and prosperous world. Auditing has been and still is the heart of our business.
Independence and rigour that provides confidence and transparency for stakeholders and society.

Auditing is primarily about people. We focus on building positive, effective and sustainable relationships that create trust and deliver a clear value of high quality. Each Mazars audit is unique. We take the time to understand our customers' business model, culture and challenges. Based on need, we then adapt the audit strategy to the specific risks that have been identified. Throughout the audit process, we are in continuous dialogue with all stakeholders and provide them with clear, pragmatic and up-to-date information.

We are an integrated and unified team that collaborates across sectors, services and geographies. This means we can combine local excellence with the global agency's international perspective. We make sure to bring together the right people with the right skills at the right time to offer our customers personal, efficient support to meet the challenges of the future in their business.

Independence and strength that provide trust and transparency for our customers and society

In the fast-moving world of business, comprehensive and objective auditing continues to be invaluable. Building public trust in company reporting enhances confidence that enables business relationships and facilitates efficient capital allocation, promoting investment and growth.

Our approach

We offer a distinctive, human-centric approach that goes beyond compliance, with an integrated structure that allows us to work seamlessly as one team. We serve regional, national and international companies of all sizes and structures by combining the right people with the right skills for every engagement, leveraging our collective knowledge and using consistent tools and methodologies.

Through our audit and assurance work, we deliver insight and promote transparency. We believe constructive challenge, based on mutual trust and respect, builds confidence in how organisations report to their stakeholders. 

It is this robust approach that ensures a Mazars audit delivers full benefits to a company, its shareholders and its other stakeholders. It also ensures maximum benefit for society, contributing to the development of sustainable businesses and economies.

Financial companies

Auditing financial companies, such as banks, investment firms and insurance companies, focuses on examining processes and procedures to protect savers and policyholders.

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Non-profit associations and foundations

Foundations and non-profit associations are primarely governed by articles of association, and that's where we start when you hire us. Articles of association can be old or they can be new. Our first task will be to confirm that your foundation really does what the founder of the foundation intended. We deliver the audit report to the foundation or non-profit association at the annual meeting or congress. Then the members get to hear another voice, alongside the board's.

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Private Enterprise

The auditor's task includes reviewing the annual report and ensuring that the reported figures are "reasonably accurate." The profits, inventory, and outstanding receivables must simply be as stated. This provides customers, suppliers, employees, and business partners with a "receipt" that everything is in order.

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Lager companies mean bigger flows. If an internal routine does not work well, it can have major effects. Since it is not possible to check everything in detail, the audit of larger enterprises focuses on reviewing processes so that one can ensure that there is a good internal control. We help you ensure that you not only have the necessary routines, but also the most effective ones.

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